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Freja Sejd Art is Charlotte Erlandsson, offering paintings, art cards and art classes. Charlotte is a visual artist from Sweden who lives outside of Nelson, B.C.  In 2002 she  graduated from Emily Carr Institute of Art & Design in Vancouver, B.C,  with a Bachelor of Fine Art, majoring in Visual Arts.

Freja is a Swedish goddess and Sejd is an old Nordic word that means to conjure magic.

Charlotte is excited to come to schools and do art projects as a way to integrate art with learning. ArtStarts in schools is a very good way to make this happen. To learn more about Charlotte’s art projects with students please navigate to “Art Projects”.

Charlotte’s mediums are painting, photography, creative writing and book making. The content of her work stems from her Scandinavian female identity, within the threads of creation myths, petroglyphs, songs, archeological research and dream work. With her indigenous European ancestry comes animal totems and dreams that blend into their own stories. Another great inspiration for her work are horses, which are a big part of her daily life. These spiritual, sensitive and powerful animals share some great medicine with us if we open up to listen and see their beautiful language.

"Hel with her three faces holding Earth, Sun and Moon"


Dreams and visions inspire Charlotte’s work, where she combines the intuitive flow with planning and sketching.


"Ancestral allies"

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